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The global livestock industry is highly changing and evolving. Specifically in developed countries the demand of the processed live stock products are increasing steadily; and therefore many production systems have been developed for increasing its productivity , efficiency and environmental sustainability. The demand for the livestock products such as meat, milk, eggs has been largely driven by socio-economic factors such as high protein diet due to health concerns, changing cultural values in the society , population growth, high disposable income and urbanisation. The percussion of these factors differs from place to place and country to country. Livestock industry is dependent on feed industry in order to sustain and maintain its product quality and productivity. In future there is going to be high competition in the supply of raw materials of food, biofuel and feed industry. The mycotoxins globally draws the attention because of the significant economic losses associated with their impact on human health, animal productivity and both domestic and international trade.

The global feed mycotoxin detoxifying market is driven mainly due to increasing consumption of feed additives with the concerns of the animal health by preventing the intake of mycotoxic contaminated feed. In developed countries the demand and growth of the increased production of livestock products have driven the mycotoxic detoxifier market. Quality maintenance of meat and increasing demand of the high protein content meat products are some of the additional forces driving the detoxifier market. In developing countries the increasing population of the middle class and at the same time demand for the quality meat free from microbial contamination are the major factors for market growth. Due to strict and extensive regulations in EU , there is very high demand of mycotoxic detoxifiers. In countries like Brazil and Uruguay where government has put additional limits to the toxic substances in the feed has increase the consumption of mycotoxic detoxifiers. On the other hand ASEAN countries have not yet established the regulation platform. Due to the myocotoxin present in the feed, consequences to various livestock disease outbreak have been diminishing. Certain diseases impact human populations because of the presence of higher mycotoxins level in food like cancer, mutagenicity and estrogenic gastrointestinal, urogenital , vascular, kidney and nervous disorders. Both feed and food safety becomes an important issue to safeguard the public health especially the government of Europe and North America.

The price volatility imposes major constraints in the mycotoxin detoxifiers market. The raw materials price of the feed industry sometimes becomes very high specifically when the processors of the meat industry fail to maintain the quality of the feed. These factors restraints the market and put a barrier in the growth of the market. The rigid structure of the regulatory framework becomes a hinderance to introduce new and developed products of mycotoxin detoxifiers that again restrict the market growth.

There are huge opportunities lying in the Asia-Pacific region where people are now concerned with the edible animal products. The international trade of the livestock processes food industry has set very high limits of mycotoxins which developing countries need to follow inorder to export its products to other countries. Among the countries in Asia Pacific, China has the most extensive detailed regulations in the mycotoxins level. The market is growing rapidly as a result of awareness and concerns of human health among the developing and developed countries.
Perched at the mouth of the Swan River some 12 miles from Perth, Fremantle offers much to the holiday maker. For one thing , the climate is delightful. Then there are the charming old heritage buildings, a bevy of museums, many devoted to the city's maritime past, splendid beaches nearby , fresh seafood, and an artistic culture with local artists and designers. But with so much to see and do, where do you start?

The best place to start is South Terrace known locally as Cappuccino Strip for its wonderful outdoor-cafe ambiance. Sit here in the morning and sip a coffee and anticipate the pleasures of the day ahead. It's also a great place for people watching and getting the pulse of the city.

From here it's just a hop and a skip to the Fremantle Markets. Other than the sights and smells of fresh produce, and stalls flogging books , candles, beads and bangles, bush art, opals and jewellery , it's also the haunt of buskers and palm readers. It??a great place to pick up souvenirs or keepsakes. Fremantle Markets opens on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Next it's time to explore Fremantle's maritime heritage at the Fishing Boat Harbour with its host of waterfront seafood restaurants and Indian Ocean views. A great treat is the local Fish n chips. This is a working port and if you time it right, you can see the day's seafood catch being unloaded.

You'll find much more about Fremantle's seafaring past at the Western Australian Maritime Museum. This is situated at the west end of Victoria Quay. Here you'll learn all about the importance of the sea to the history of Western Australia including details of early pioneers, trade routes , naval defense, and migration.

Other historic buildings you shouldn't miss include the Round House and Fremantle Prison. The Round House, West Australia's oldest public building, was constructed in 1831 as a prison. It's set in pleasant grounds and feature's tours and displays about Fremantle's early history. It also provides panoramic views over the city to the harbour and the Indian Ocean beyond.

Fremantle Prison was a working gaol until 1991. It's another fascinating heritage building with a range of interesting t.

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