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    Måtte jo titte innom. Kjempeflotte bilder av deg! Stå på videre med diett og trening. Vi trenger mange flere flotte jenter på scenen vettu`  Wink

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    1) you hear an italian or chinese last name and it sets u off into a big craving....cause u think of italian and chinese food
    2) every song on the radio, you picture yourself posing to
    3) you wake up in a sweat because you just had a dream you cheated your diet
    4) you know that there is .3grams of carbs in one egg white, and that a splenda packet has 4 calories
    5) you wonder how we can put a person on the moon but they cant make zero calorie pizza
    1. You have to leave the room during commercial breaks. . .'cause it's nothing but pictures of food you can't have
    2. You freak out if someone interrupts your workout, or uses YOUR dumbbells, or YOUR machine. . .they aren't competing, and they don't even know what they're doing anyway!!!
    3. You pull the car over to use a microwave in a gas station to make oatmeal, 'cause it's time to eat oatmeal, and you're EXCITED!!!
    4. You have a breakdown 'cause it's time to eat oatmeal. . but you forgot to pack the splenda
    5. You detour on your way to work so you don't have to pass that big-ass Denny's billboard with pancakes dripping with butter and syrup
    6. You spend every minute that you're NOT thinking about your contest trying not to pass the dreaded protein gas. . .
    7. You make endless lists. . .things you'll cook when the diet is over, things you'll eat when the diet is over, places you'll have dinner when the diet is over. . .
    8. You are wicked uncomfortable all day long because your underwear is now WAAY too big, and you haven't got the energy to go and buy new undies that fit. . .
    9. When you label the tupperware with your name and "Do not touch", and it's in your own fridge in your own house
    10. When even the pets run when they see you coming, 'cause even they know you're a moody b**tch!!
    1- you fear falling asleep because what if you wake up hungry.
    2- you want to sleep because then time will pass by quicker till breakfast.
    3- if it weren't for fatburners you'd barely haul your ass to work everyday
    4- you clean the house from top to bottom on your days off and organize cupboards so you don't think about food
    5- bean sprouts are spaghetti and everynight is pasta night
    6- the produce department of the grocery store is like stalking the bulk food aisles
    7- you don't call anyone who doesn't understand what you do because you don't want to talk about what 'type' of diet you're on
    8- your significant other fears what type of mood you'll be in when they come home
    9- crying is like laughing... or smiling.. or walking.. or talking
    10- finally! diapers don't seem like such a bad thing that incontinent old fart where.
    1. You have worn a pathway in the floor from your office at work to the washroom
    2. Wherever you shop, gas up or run errands you know precisely where every
    washroom is.
    3. You spend hours washing and repacking tupperware containers.
    4. You can eat rice or oatmeal and drive at the same time. I gave up on forks and
    use a spoon for rice too.
    5. You eat chicken and vegetables with your fingers, it's faster.
    6. You wander through the bakery section of the grocery store just to look.
    7. You tailgate everyone, everyone drives too slow.
    8. Your obssessed with food magazines and the cooking channel.
    9. You start stockpiling and hiding the goodies you want to eat after the show.
    them in the freezer.
    10. You watch people stare at you in the gym when you finally take off your
    sweatshirt . You wish you could tell them to all piss off when they start
    to whisper.
    1. wait the world DOES revolve around you when you diet.
    2. You have your husband on a grilling chicken schedule..if he misses it by 30 minutes....MELTDOWN!
    3. Your co-workers ask you every three hours if you've eaten yet
    4. Boss always asks if ya want to leave early..ya seem 'tired" (more like a raving ***** today)
    5. Ya wanna snatch people by their throats if they ask you what you are eating today....."same damn thing I had yesterday!!
    6. You set your alarm, to take a fat burner, go back to sleep to wake up 30 minutes later for cardio
    7.SF Jello is a delicacy!!
    8.Get the 'stares' at the gym...sitting on a bench between thing ya know your mouth is open,...and 5 minutes have passed.
    9. Looking forward to getting rid of the am nausea...with oatmeal!
    10. Finda a 101 ways to spruce up a protein drink!!
    11. Buy a new pair of tennis shoes...cuz your old ones are so damn stinky they have to stay outside!
    12. Husband makes a separate laundry basket for your work out clothes..cuz they just don't 'smell right'.
    13. you get in your car, but forget where you are going!
    1. get mad at the TV for showing a food commercial.
    2. get mad at the hubby for not changing the channel.
    3. ...the jingle to the Chili's baby-back rib commercial is stuck in your head no matter how loud your earphones are while doing cardio.
    4. ...your jaw hurts from chewing gum.
    5. get up to pee at least three times a night.
    6. get up out of bed at 4 in the morning, panicking, because you forgot to set the timer for the coffee maker.
    7. ...the butcher automatically starts bagging up 10 pounds of chicken and 7 tilapia fillets when you walk through the door.
    8...your butt disappears.
    9...your implants start looking lumpy.
    1 - becomes the home page on all your computers.
    2 - Mann's Broccoli Wocly is the best thing since Splenda.
    3 - Bean-O becomes a staple with every meal.
    4 - Sugar-Free Jam is a delicacy.
    5 - You take your supplements between meals, hoping they'll delay your hunger just a bit longer til your next meal.
    6 - You're late every day for work b/c you prioritize cooking/packing food over everything - even your company's time.
    7 - You have 2 pairs of running shoes and rotate them every other day, using sneaker balls to control the odor!
    8 - Your workout wardrobe changes from t-shirts and sweats to sports bras and hot shorts.
    9 - You check your abs in the mirror at least 5 times a day.
    10 - You stress out if the scale weight doesn't move every day, and blame it on water retention.
    1.Ya break out in a full sweat EVERYTIME you stand in the wal mart check out you grab a handy bottle of water from the cooler and down it in 20 seconds. AND ypu are the only one in line with 5 tubes of preparation H!!
    2. Everything hurts...even sleeping...that mattress feels like a sheet of plywood!
    3. You are the only one in a nice resturant with tupperwear containers of your own, pre-measured food!
    4. You have to put your supplements into a day, when you get a little goofy-headed, you can tell what you have and haven't taken!
    5. Your new perfume is icy hot....and you like it
    1. You can't ride the bike anymore for cardio because you can't stand the pain of your boney ass on the seat.
    2. Your leaving the gym starving to go eat your last meal and you look in all the windows of fast food joints and see everyone in there. You say to yourself..."like they all need that!!!"
    3. You have designated tupperware containers for your certain meals. Someone better not think of using one!
    4. You go to sleep at night with what you are going to wear to the gym for that 5am cardio. Hey every extra minute of sleep counts!
    1. you've been reading this thread since the first day but have been way to tired to even think of a few to add.
    2. You get so frusterated and cry when you can't find your pants, keys...anything lame and not worth crying over
    3.You can clear the room after a salad cuz it smells like vegitation...(can't believe i'm putting this in)
    4. You get irritated at people for asking you a question, it takes to much energy to think right now.
    5. a full face of makeup switches to powder, mascara, lip gloss
    6. you go to work everyday with wet hair in a ponytail drive by the same restaraunts everyday, but now that your dieting you swear you can smell everything they are cooking.
    8. Your clients/friends/people ask you "have you lost weight" and it takes everything inside of you to not jump down their throat or start crying
    9. you wake up in the middle of the night after dreaming that you cheated, check your abs...ffeeewww, they're still there!
    1. You start getting blisters from doing so much cardio and plyos
    2. Start watching every dance aerobic workout made to get routine ideas since i am the worst most uncoodinated dancer in the world.
    3. My students tell me that i am grouchy
    4. I get REALLY angry when people pull into fast food restaurants because i am thinking "go eat your shit food FATTY!!"
    5. I start making weekly trips to blockbuster looking for anything entertaining to rent to watch at 4:30 am while doing cardio monday-friday (right now CSI is the show of choice)
    6. Go to walmart at least 2 times a week, just to get out of the house
    - you start drinking warm water because cold water keeps you to cold.
    - every mole hill becomes a mountain
    - you spend hours between meals at Muscle Mayhem, it makes time go faster
    - you scour mag, internet etc looking for that perfect cover shot outfit.
    1. U are now exicted they now make Pina Colada gum !
    2. U almost gave up your fear of Walmart to go buy a digital scale....
    but then anxiety sets in....and u go to target ( my new scale is pretty)
    3. People you didnt mind chating w before find themselves on the your DONT TALk to me l ist
    4. You look forward to tanning because its your nap time.
    5. U think that Dumb and Dumber at the gym( the two guys that only train arms)and Waste of Space( the girl that does everyone machine wrong) should be just be banned from the gym or atleast not allowed in during your work out times.
    6. You dont want to answer the questions "when is your show" or "hows the diet" you feel these are pointless questions that the same smuck is gonna ask you next week.
    1. You always have a gym bag, portable cooler, or water bottle in your hand.
    2. You pee every 30 minutes.
    3. You don’t go anywhere without confirming that there will be a bathroom nearby.
    4. You avoid the mall, cause the smell of Cinnabon and Annie’s Pretzels drives you nuts.
    5. You wear sleeveless tops and/or crop tops every day for 12 weeks.
    6. Two months have passed and you haven’t seen any family or friends.
    7. You have no money in your bank account!!
    1. When your hubby won't kiss you because you "smell like asparagus and ketones"--no matter how many showers you take or how many times you brush your teeth
    2. You wake up every morning, roll out of bed, and immediately do a "mirror check" to see if today is the day those pesky fat cells covering your glute-hamstring tie-ins are gone
    3. You think you're going to scream if one more person says anything at all to you. . .especially if they ask "How much weight have you lost? You look great NOW" (It takes all kinds of restraint not to get in their face and yell, "What? Was I a fat-a** before? Look at yourself in the mirror, loser!" Of course, then, you feel like a total psychopath, and realize that you should not be around people. )
    4. God forbid you should run out of sugar free gum. . . you don't feel like talking to anyone, it's not time to eat yet, and there's nothing else to occupy you
    5. You eat condiments (Splenda, Molly McButter, yellow mustard)--by themselves
    6. When 4 oz of cold sweet potato is a delicacy
    7. When you forget to pack utensils in your cooler, so you eat dry oatmeal and egg whites with your hands (while driving, of course)
    8. When you leave a trail of empty splenda packets and empty tupperware wherever you go
    9. When your hubby politely asks if you can "please use the guest bathroom until your show is over", because it's a different kind of GI upset every time your trainer changes your diet. . .or just too much asparagus and sugar free gum
    10. When you're in the grocery store buying chicken, tilapia, and a million pounds of asparagus, and those little old ladies are offering food samples. . .and you can't push your cart past enough. . .and they offer you food samples. . .and you don't know whether to start screaming, or to break down in tears
    1. your protein pancake sticks to the pan and you have to scrap it off and cry over it then get really pissed cuz you have to dump out the rest form the blender and start over so calories are right
    2. Your clients are dropping 2+ lbs per week and you barely drop one yet you are workiking harder and heating less
    3. you lick your plate after protein pancakes to get all the spray butter and splenda
    1. When you go to take your wallet out of your purse and splenda packs come flying out with it and the people look at you and say "you always carry those with you?"

    2. When you go to the gym on a Monday night and everyone and their brother is in there and little men have the dumbells you use and you almost go up and take them and say "I'm sorry but you should be lifting heavier ones, these are mine!"

    3. You practice your routine and you miss a beat or get off and you get so pissed off you start to tear up and get pissed and pose even harder.

    4. No one knows what you are talking about anymore because you are talking about one thing while thinking about 3 different things and then ask a question about one of the two things you are thinking about but not talking about and the person you're talking to has no clue what you are asking about.

    5. You wear out undies really fast with all the cardio and friction, haha.

    6. Use the aerobics room when not in use to practice posing and close and lock the door so no one comes in and then have idiots watching through the little window so you put paper or your sweaty t-shirt up over the window as someone is looking in at you.

    7. You stick your nose in your friend/family's food and smell it.

    8. You go on and save recipes cause you say you're going to cook all of that when you are done dieting.

    9. You go to get coffee with sugar-free syrup and you ask the person if it's sugar-free 3x and then you get it and think they really tried sabatage you cause it tastes too good to be sugar-free so you throw it all away anyways.

    10. You don't wear undies or bras if you don't have to because it's just even more laundry and you're basically living in sweats and t-shirts/sweatshirts anyways when you aren't working out.

    11. You get so pissed because the cheap digital cam doesn't work right and you get your poses just right and holding them and the camera won't work so you go over and slam it on the floor and scream "i'll give this piece fo a shit a reason not to work!" and you're embarrassed you just lost your tempor but at the same time you feel so relieved.
    1. You master the skill of making your kids a pb&J sandwich and not even think about taking a lick.

    2. When decarbing you literally cry over the 1 pound of plain spinach you have to eat.

    3. You avoid your parents because they think you are looking too skinny and offer you food to fatten you up a little, totally oblivious to what you are trying to accomplish.

    1. You are late for work because you have to savor each bite of your oatmeal and protien is, after all, your favorite meal.
    2. You can't make it through a grocery store check out without buying at least 2 more packs of gum--even though you already have 10 in your purse.
    3. The man in the fish department sees you coming and rolls his eyes as he goes to grab your usual 4lbs ...
    4. The cashier stops asking you if you are having a lot of people over for dinner.
    5. The cashier is concerned if you don't have your usual 6 gallons of water.
    6. You love to read threads like this so you can feel 'normal'.
    7. You own every "Meals in Minutes" cookbook that is on display in the grocery store check out.
    8. You wear jeans to work everyday because it takes too much effort to decide on something else to wear.
    9. You want to talk less to people who aren't dieting and more to people that are (usually quite the opposite in the off season, huh?)
    10. You are always in a hurry to get to bed- the sooner you get to sleep, the sooner you can get up and have that oatmeal and protein powder again!
    -you turn your fork around to use it as a scoop to get the last bit of your oatmeal

    -you develop TMJ from chewing so much gum

    -you drink hot tea several times a day and you never did before

    -you notice a vein or lump that you've never seen before and it REALLY upsets you

    -you do walking lunges when you take your dogs for a walk

    -you squeeze your glutes while standing and singing in church

    Honnr gitt av : Espen Leon, 06. april 2006, 09:18
    5  Bilder / Bilder av Medlemmene / SV: Nytt fra Pia Marlen Johnsen- 18. august 2005, 16:43
     Smiley Smiley
    Honnr gitt av : Kaizermeister, 19. august 2005, 15:01
    6  Bilder / Bilder av Medlemmene / SV: Pia Marlen Johnsen 11. august 2004, 01:41
    Dette er hvordan jeg så ut da jeg stilte i Sandefjord og Nordisk i år.
    Skal få postet noen bilder av hvordan jeg ser ut nå så snart jeg får det til.
    Er i oppkjøring fram mot VM i september, og er blitt en god del hardere og litt mer muskuløs siden da. Dette fordi nivået er anderledes der ute, enn her i skandinavia. Spent på hva dere synes.

    Honnr gitt av : Richard, 12. august 2005, 16:30
    7  Treningsforum Crew / Recycle Bin / SV: Nann-Rosita lager NY profil 20. april 2005, 21:03
    Jeg var paa 2.gangsintervju med Wilsbeck... He,he... Hils ja.
    Du faar sikkert plass i handbagasjen min  Wink Saa bare si ifra det...
    Honnr gitt av : Embla, 01. juli 2005, 23:38
    8  Bilder / Bilder av Medlemmene / SV: Pia Marlen Johnsen 14. mars 2005, 21:38
    Kommer oppdateringer i dagboka på hjemmesida mi denne uka. monica Saur og jeg var i sarpsborg i helgen. på turen møtte vi både therese og janne, med de nydelige knøttene deres  blush

    Og madelein Age og Pia jansson..  Kommer tekst og bilder !
    Honnr gitt av : Kaizermeister, 12. april 2005, 14:26
    9  Bilder / Bilder av Medlemmene / SV: Pia Marlen Johnsen 14. mars 2005, 21:23
    Takk-takk  Kiss
    Honnr gitt av : Kaizermeister, 12. april 2005, 14:25
    10  Trening / Kroppsbygging og Fitness / SV: På tide med dopingtester i fitness! 04. oktober 2004, 19:57
    Synes virkelig det er dårlig, at noen uttaler seg om slikt, når de ikke har noe slags grunnlag for det. Dere ødelegger virkelig litt av gleden man har over prestasjonene sine med slike rykter. Hva med heller gi litt honnør til de som står på og sliter... og sliter !!! Tenk litt først, før dere slenger ut slike kommentarer og påstander.

     Angry Angry Angry
    Honnr gitt av : Marianne, 05. februar 2005, 23:31
    11  Bilder / Bilder av Medlemmene / SV: Pia Marlen Johnsen 28. september 2004, 13:34
     Wink Wink
    Honnr gitt av : Teresa, 29. september 2004, 08:28
    12  Bilder / Bilder av Medlemmene / SV: Pia Marlen Johnsen 22. september 2004, 15:18

    Honnr gitt av : Teresa, 23. september 2004, 14:21
    13  Bilder / Bilder av Medlemmene / SV: Pia Marlen Johnsen 15. august 2004, 22:55
    Honnr gitt av : AllGood, 29. august 2004, 03:54
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