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« #180 : 12. februar 2015, 01:27 »

Three police officers were slightly injured on the night of Tuesday evening in Toulouse by intervening in a family dispute: the man, a practitioner of body-building, well known in that environment, eventually mastered the use of Taser "repeatedly" "

The arrest of a "colossus", in the words even a policeman Toulouse was incredible Tuesday night in Toulouse, in the Minimes district. The police were called around 22:45 after a family dispute. Three of them were subsequently wounded during the rebellion of man and it is only by using the taser on several occasions they managed to control it.

Arriving on site, a crew of police came to get him out of the apartment the young woman who was "adopted" by the young man. But negotiations with the bodybuilder have festered.

According to police, the man, 22 years old and well-known bodybuilder in the middle, was in a "second" state. He was in possession of anabolic steroids.

The police on site were forced to launch a radio distress call. Six other crews are attended and despite the police reinforcements, it was impossible to control the "colossus". In the fight, three policemen were slightly injured.

Finally, police officers used the taser, the taser repeatedly. Man is thus controlled to 11:40 p.m. nearly an hour after the arrival of the police.

Transported to Hospital Purpan as is the procedure after use of this weapon, the man was examined and placed in custody at the police station. In the quiet this time.
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